Employers Offer 330 Jobs At INTI's Career Fair 2016

INTI International College Subang held a Career Fair from 24 to 25 May 2016, which attracted 35 companies and organizations offering 330 job vacancies to graduating students as well as internship opportunities to second and third-year students.

Tan Ling Ling, Chief Executive of INTI International College Subang,
Tan Ling Ling, Chief Executive of INTI International College Subang

Be Highly Employable With INTI

The 35 companies and organizations which included event sponsors Nestle, Feruni, AIA, AVIS, Resort World Genting, YTL and OUB, drew over 1,600 students over two days of informative and insightful talks and workshops held at Career Fair. GTI Media was the Official Graduate Career Partner. Other participating companies were Alliance Bank, AM Met Life, APM Aitomotive, Ben Corp, CPA Australia, DAMCO, Great Eastern, Group M, HPE, HTZ Resources, KPMG, Nirvana, Out Of The Box, Paypal, PWC, Public Mutual, SP Setia, Southern Lion, Speedwing, myStarjob.com, Takaful Malaysia, Trueevents, Tasco, Graduan and Hartamas.

INTI's Career Fair 2016
Students seeking an internship or full-time employment with a potential employer at INTI's Career Fair
"We received very positive response from our industry partners who have used this event as a platform for talent search. Their generous support bears testament to the quality of our students who have learned the INTI way encompassing 31s - international exposure, innovative learning and individual development. This has given our students an edge to understand the challenges that lies ahead, align themselves with employers' expectations and be industry-ready when they graduate." - Tan Ling Ling, Chief Executive of INTI International College Subang.
INTI's Career Fair 2016,
35 companies including event sponsors drew over 1,600 students to the two days of
insightful talks and workshop during INTI's Career Fair 2016

In addition to impromptu job interviews held at the Career Fair, talks by industry representatives were conducted throughtout the event to help students better understand the needs of the employment market.

With partners ranging from global MNCs and home grown giants, INTI has the distinction of being able to ensure 100% internship placements for all students. Additionally, 78% of INTI graduates earn above market average salaries in their first jobs, and 97% are being employed within six month of their graduation.


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