INTI and PJS 9 Community Build Greenhouse to Farm Home-grown Food

More than 20 residents from PJS 9 alongside INTI lecturers, students and staff came together over the weekend to build a mini herb garden greenhouse for a community farming project. Standing at 9 feet in height and expanding over 10 feet in width and length, the mini greenhouse was erected in just 2 days. Build around the concept of the 3Rs of reduce, reuse and recycle, herbs were planted in recycled items such as wooden pallets, drinking cartoons, as well as plastic containers and bottles.

INTI and PJS 9 Community Build Greenhouse,

Design by Chef Yuzrem Ezri from INTI International College Penang, the mini greenhouse project combines elements of farming and agricultural management, and was first built in INTI International College Penang.

The project was then shared with other chefs around the world during Laureate’s Culinary Chef Conference at Panama in May. Today, the project aims to bring the PJS 9 community together to grow locally-fresh and organic herbs, fruits and vegetables that improve access to healthy, home-grown food.

The herb garden adds basil, mint leaves, parsleys, coriander, rosemary and turmeric to the list of vegetables and fruits such as aubergines, okras, chillies, long beans, angled beans, lemongrass, bananas, papayas and pineapples in the community farm.

As part of the continuous partnership with the PJS 9 community, INTI plans to organise a Harvest Day Out during the later part of the project to reap the fruits of the community’s labour. Chefs and culinary students from INTI will harvest the crops with the PJS 9 community and design a healthy menu for the residents to enjoy.


  1. wow byknya tanam tanaman ni lau dpt tanam kat blkg umah hehehe

  2. Kalau ada laman sendiri memang best bercucuk tanam..
    Pergh!! nengok senarai herbs je dah buat mata blink2..
    Usaha yang ohsem..

  3. Wah rajinnya bagus program tu

  4. mesti 'nampak hijau' je pasni ;-)

  5. wah kena bercucuk tanam laa macam ni, 1 pasu 1 pokok


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